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Top Guide to Booking Safari Retreats in Africa.

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Guide to Booking Safari Retreats in Africa.

Planning your holiday could be one stressful and long journey to make it happen. A trip away from home, intrepid adventures, wildlife sightings, and exclusive stay from the humdrum. But planning a holiday that gives you all these pleasures, takes a long haul planning process. 

So, our experts have written this article to give you the perfect ideas for planning a seamless and yet exciting safari trip to Africa and booking a retreat home, camp, lodge, safari, or if at the beach, the best beach holiday houses. 

Prepare your Holiday a Year Earlier

Holiday planning starts around August for holidays in the next year’s summer holidays. This means most retreats accommodations are always on look and got a lot of traffic for inquiries for visitors who are planning to have an incredible and amazing African Safari Holiday.  

August and September are the best times to start looking for those home away from home holiday retreats. As you plan, you get to know the best available dates of booking and can guide you into planning your travel dates well. 

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Read the reviews of our listed retreats

Reviews from previous guests generally give you a decent indication of what you can expect from your stay. There are likely going to be one or two reviews that aren’t 5* but don’t be put off as this is a sign of honest feedback. However, if there’s more than one very negative review, then that is not a good sign.

Also, check out any social media accounts for the rental. This enables you to get a feel for the owner and see comments from previous guests.

Inspect the booking terms and conditions

After scrutinising a listing and deciding it is the place for you, make sure you read the terms and conditions before booking the property. Any holiday rental owner worth their salt should clearly display them or be able to send you the fine print, so you can ensure there won’t be any hidden surprises. The terms and conditions can help you identify extra charges (such as pool heating, security deposit, cleaning fees) or other things you didn’t see in the property description, such as your cleaning obligations or check-in/out times.

Booking terms and conditions can also aid you in the event of a dispute.

Check the cancellation policy

You could be left forfeiting your deposit or even the full amount if you cancel your holiday. Reading the cancellation policy before booking means you know what to expect in the unfortunate event you are unable to travel for your holiday.

Look for any additional fees

Holiday rental booking sites often add booking fees when it comes to calculating the final price. These fees can add hundreds to the overall price of your holiday, so check! Fees vary between booking sites, for example:

  • Airbnb guest service fee ranges between 0% and 20% of the booking
  • HomeAway service fees are between 6-12% for most bookings
  • TripAdvisor fees range from 8% to 16%.

Can you book direct for a better deal?

If you find the perfect holiday villa on a booking site, the chances are it’s also available to rent direct from the owner too – usually at a reduced cost as you’ll avoid booking fees. Search for key sentences used in the description, and of course the property name and location. Many properties are also listed with multiple websites/agents who have different prices, so it’s worth shopping around and comparing rates.

Also, keep an eye out for special offers or late deals promoted via social media.

Ask questions

So many people book their holiday without having all of the information they would ideally want. In most instances, this works out for them, but many problems that guests encounter could be prevented with effective communication.

There is no substitute for the peace of mind gained by asking questions or making a simple phone call to the property owner or manager. You can ask questions and get a much more personal and/or reassuring answer, as well as ensuring the owner is genuine and letting them know you are too.

A good agent or owner will be more than happy to share their knowledge and answer any questions you may have, and if they aren’t, then do you really want to stay in their property?

Clarify what’s included

It’s important to clarify what’s included in your rental before you arrive as some holiday homes will endeavour to include all the essentials you’ll need, such as a welcome pack, toiletries etc. However, others will expect you to bring items like your own beach/pool towels.

Don’t get caught out by failing to check the amenities list for essential items like a washing machine. All holiday rentals are not created equal.

Be friendly

Remember that holiday cottage owners are often not large, faceless companies, but individuals who are letting their most valuable material possession to strangers. Owners of popular properties have the luxury of choosing from multiple booking enquiries, with many selecting guests that are likely to be less demanding.

Be polite in your communications. First impressions count and owners are looking for the least amount of hassle possible. By conveying yourself as an easy guest, you are improving your chances of securing the booking.

Also, it’s a good idea to acknowledge email replies so that the owner knows that their replies have reached you.

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